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The Book: The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising

A "good" event fundraiser puts together a "nice" event that makes "some" money for their organization. A great event fundraiser plans memorable events, raises lots of money, creates awareness for their cause and fosters loyalty and support from donors and volunteers that can last a lifetime. Which one do you want to be?

Successful fundraising events come in all shapes and sizes. From community walks and school bake sales, to 5K runs and black-tie galas, juggling the numerous pieces of an event fundraiser can be daunting for the “rookie” and challenging even for a seasoned professional. Whether you are aspiring to become a fundraiser or are already a veteran in the field, The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising  will be your blueprint for a successful event.  

Planning an event fundraiser involves more than just logistics. Not only do you need to be skillful in event planning, you also need to be a team leader, volunteer organizer, salesperson, and profit-and-loss manager. All of this while focusing on the need to inspire donors and attendees to be loyal to your cause, and, of course…asking for, and successfully raising, money. Add in that you have to do it all with a budget that a corporate event planner would probably spend just on flower arrangements – and it can feel overwhelming.

Have no fear! The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising  is written in a concise, organized manner that will take you through the process from A to Z. This book helps you choose what type of event to host, as well as everything you need to know about the most common revenue streams: sponsorships, ticket or participant revenue, and auctions. It demonstrates how media and public relations specialists, boards of directors and volunteers play essential roles in every event’s success. It unlocks the secrets of how to create loyalty to your cause by showing attendees how your organization is helping the community and how to continue that relationship-building with your attendees after the event.

It takes you, step by step, from the day-one decision-making moment to the completion of the event and beyond, including post-event analysis tools so that next time your event is even better.

The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising, combined with a downloadable appendix full of useful tools, checklists, sample documents and editable worksheets, makes planning event fundraisers easier, allowing you to spend your energy on what is important: raising funds and increasing awareness for your organization, while giving your attendees an experience they are sure to remember.


The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising