Next Stage Advisors is an expert at taking current event assets and expanding them to provide additional funding via sponsorships, auctions, ticket/participant sales and donations. Let us evaluate your special event and provide detailed suggestions to maximize fundraising effort and ultimately, funds raised.

Boost Event Revenue

Committees, Volunteers, Board of Directors, Media and Public Relations all  play an important role in helping make an event successful. Next Stage Advisors can help you expand and utilize your supporters to ease staff stress and burden - all while adding more to your event bottom line.

Not sure where to start? "The A-to-Z Guide to Event Fundraising" book  is your go-to resource for planning event fundraisers.  Get yours today!

Next Stage Advisors can help you meet and beat your event fundraising goals without the long term commitment of a new staff member or lengthy contracts.  Whether you have an established event you want to refresh, or are creating a new event, we can help.

Increase Mission Impact

Engage Event Supporters

56% of people report they are "much more likely" to donate to an organization after attending an event. Do your event attendees know what your organization does and how the funds they donate fulfill your mission? We are experts at helping you connect guests to mission bringing an increase of funds and supporters.

Move your
event fundraiser to the next stage.

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